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tl;dr: I am a dad, husband, dog-person, entrepreneur, technologist, developer, internet historian, strategist, innovator, mentor

I have a passion for using tech to make lives better and organizations more efficient by pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity — whether as an entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, public school robotics team coach, or White House Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Born in Brazil, I have an appreciation and love of cultures, languages, and travel. After being the first in my class to receive a diploma at The Peddie School (funny story), I studied cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University, earning B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Engineering and Science with concentrations in Philosophy and Psychology.

My work has spanned the scientific, intelligence, defense, and healthcare sectors, among others, across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and North America. From software development and systems integration to policy guidance and technical diplomacy, I have had the pleasure of leading diverse, multi-disciplinary teams while interacting with all levels of government and industry.

I am always open to unique and challenging opportunities, and to providing advice to those just starting out.

Featured Resources

Timeline chart photo

Hobbes' Internet Timeline

The definitive history of the Internet, cited in thousands of books, magazines, and websites. Also found as RFC 2235 / FYI 32.

Seeing Wand prototype photo

Seeing Wand

Point the Seeing Wand, push the button, and it will tell you what it sees. Featured in MagPi magazine.

MiniSplit Pi photo

Mini-Split Pi

Web-based control of a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim mini-split heat pump using a Raspberry Pi Zero W. MagPi Magazine 2021.

slide detail

Imagining the Future

Keynote slides on technology innovation in the Internet age from the EATIS/Spain conference. (LinkedIn)

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    White House

    Washington D.C. – White House photo

Random Facts

Pelé attended my 10th birthday party

I celebrated a New Year's Eve in Studio 54 when I was 13

During one business trip, I made a cirmcumnavigation of the Earth

I have been inside the Pentagon, CIA, NRO, NSA, NGA, Liberty Crossing, Treasury, HHS, Do[CEEdLST], GCHQ, NATO HQ, Korea DMZ, and White House (D.C. & Yongsan)

The first time the Concorde landed in Rio de Janeiro, I got to tour the inside, and many years later saw the same aircraft in the U.S. National Air & Space Museum

I bowled and played basketball at the White House

A CIA strategic plan for creating an intelligence language community quotes me and credits Hobbes, my online alter ego

I becamed a licensed radio operator (PY1-YAU) when I was 11

Hobbes' Internet Timeline is published as an official Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) document – RFC 2235 / FYI 32

I am credited with the first accepted sighting of a Western Grebe in the Piedmont region of Virginia since its split with Clark's Grebe

My middle name is just the letter H (no period)