Special Interest Group on Networked Information, Discovery, and Retrieval

SIGNIDR V brought together the leading researchers in the then nascent field of Internet search engines.

The event was held at the MITRE Corporation in McLean, Virginia, on August 4, 1994, and broadcast Internet-wide over the multicasting backbone (MBONE).

Previous gatherings included: SIGWAIS I (USGS, Reston, VA), SIGWAIS II (Library of Congress, Washington, DC), SIGNIDR III (National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD), and SIGNIDR IV (Department of Commerce, Washington, DC)

Event Chair: Robert H'obbes' Zakon


09:00-09:10	Administrative notes

09:10-09:25	Welcome - Robert H'obbes' Zakon, The MITRE Corporation

09:25-10:00	Keynote - Carl Malamud, Internet Multicasting Service

10:00-10:05	Network Publishing and Copyright Introduction

10:05-10:30	NPC 1 - Interactive Access to Computer Programs over Telecommunications Pathways: Some Copyright Implications
			Patrice Lyons, Law Offices of Patrice Lyons, Chartered

10:30-10:55	NPC 2 - MecklerWeb
		        Chris Locke, MecklerWeb

10:55-11:10	Break

11:10-11:15	Door Prize Drawings

11:15-11:40	NPC 3 - Electronic Scholarly Communications and Libraries
		        Gail McMillan, Virginia Tech

11:40-11:55	Technology Update - Brewster Kahle, WAIS Inc.

11:55-12:10	Technology Update - Jason Ng, NCSA

12:10-01:00	Lunch

01:00-01:05	Door Prize Drawings

01:05-01:10	Security Introduction

01:15-01:35	SEC 1 - Security and the WWW
                        David Dalva, TIS

01:35-02:00	SEC 2 - Firewalls, Application Gateways, and Proxies
                        Bede McCall, MITRE

02:00-02:25	SEC 3 - Secure Access to Data Over the Internet
                        Vicki Jones, UIUC

02:25-02:45	Break

02:45-02:50	Door Prize Drawings

02:50-02:55	Network Search Agents Introduction

02:55-03:20	NSA 1 - Finding What People Want: Experiences with the WebCrawler
			   Brian Pinkerton, U of Washington

03:20-03:45	NSA 2 - Ethical Web Spiders: Citizenship and Added Value
			   David Eichmann, U of Houston - Clear Lake

03:45-04:10	NSA 3 - Renegade Intelligent Agents
			   James Pottmyer, DISA

04:10-04:35	NSA 4 - Web Agent Related Research at the Center for Machine Translation
			   John Leavitt, CMU


FISH - A Forager for the Information Super Highway
David Day, MITRE Corporation

Government Information Locator Service (GILS)
Eliot Christian, USGS

IDD: Intelligent Document Detection
Stephen Glanowski, MITRE Corporation

InfoSeek's full-text search service
InfoSeek Corporation

Performance Systems International, Inc.

NT based NIDR Tools
Ron Robertson, MITRE Corporation

Scholastic Internet Center
Scholastic Network

TIS Toolkit
Trusted information System, Inc.

Verity WebServer
Verity, Inc.

WAIS Server
WAIS, Inc.


ANS CO+RE Systems
Computer Literacy Bookstore
Scholastic Network

Vendors (literature only):

Internet Business Journal
Internet Business Report
Internet Shopping Network
Internet Society
Internet World
Rock Dog


Marcia Adams, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Eadie Adamson, Scholastic Network
Robert J. Aiken, US Department of Energy/ LLNL
Sam Alvis, Hewlett-Packard Company
Christine Anderson, Library of Congress
Chuck Arnason, Office of the Deputy Asst. Secy of Defense for Info Mgmt
Barry K. Atkinson, Defense Intelligence Agency
Richard Atlee, University of Maryland Computer Science Center
Vivian A. Auld, National Library of Medicine
Frederick M. Avolio, Trusted Information Systems
Barbara J. Babcock, The American University
Joyce Backus, National Library of Medicine
Joyce Backus, National Library of Medicine
Bob Baker, Argonne National Laboratory
Paul Baker, NASA - Goddard
John D. Balling, Dickinson College
Donald P. Basham, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR 10)
Ardie Bausenbach, Libary of Congress
Charles Bean, Library of Congress
Chip Beard, OSI
Janice Beattie, NOAA Central Library
Jaleh Bebroozi, National Institute for Literacy
Eddie Becker, Video Production Service
Brian Bennett, NAIC/SCDI (USAF)
Helene Bethel, SAIC
Rahul Bhatnager, Marasco Newton Group, Limited
Richard Binder, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Michelle Bing, Electronic Industries Association
Kathryn Bitting, The MITRE Corporation
Philip Bogdonoff, Institute for Global Communications
Marvin Bond, NIST
Daniele Bovio, European Academic & Research Network
Roxana Bradescu, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Joe Bradley, Kaman Sciences Corporation
George Bradshaw, Defense Information Systems Agency
Lt. Randy Britton, US Navy
Lynda S. Browne, National Academy of Sciences Library
Carol Bursik, US Geological Survey
Drew Burton, American Mathematical Society
Christopher Callender, PSI, Inc.
Blair Calton, AFL-CIO
Sherri Calvo, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Laura Campbell, Library of Congress
Ardith J. Cannon, DOJ, BOP, Federal Prisons Industries (Unicor)
Lt Col Robert Carr Jr., USAF
John Carrick, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Arnold Carson, Department of Defense
Mike Cenkl, The MITRE Corporation
Kate Chaitin, Extension Service, USDA
Don Cheesman, U.S. Fish &  Wildlife Service, Nat'l Wetlands Inventory
Frank Chen, General Sciences Corporation
Chris Childs, Verity, Inc.
Eliot J. Christian, US Geological Survey
Evelyn Clancy, Computer Sciences Corporation
Judy Clapp, The MITRE Corporation
Leona Coffee, National Academy of Sciences
Maureen Connors, George Mason University
Dawn Cooley, Garcia Consulting, Inc.
Robert Cooney, NCTS Washington
Thaddeus O. Cooper, SSDS Inc.
Brad Cox, Coalition for Electronic Markets
Curtis Cox, NCTS Washington
Vicki Cox, NCTS Washington
Peter J. Crumpacker, The MITRE Corporation
David I. Dalva, Trusted Information Systems
Robert Darden, Trusted Information Systems
David S. Day, The MITRE Corporation
Amy DeBrower, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Karl E. Debus, National Agricultural Library
Grant Dekker, USDA, Forest Service
Emil DeRenzo, The MITRE Corporation
Dominic DeVincenzo, DOJ, BOP, Federal Prisons Industries (Unicor)
Steve Dietz, National Museum of American Art
Dave Dodge, Department of Defense
Kate Dolan 
Cameron Donaldson, Software Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Kimberly Donaldson, SURAnet
Louis Drummond, Congressional Research Service
Parmesh Dwivedi, Dept of Commerce, NOAA/NESDIS/NODC
Marc Edgar, DocuSoft
David Eichmann, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Howard Eiserike, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Vaughn Eisler, Garcia Consulting, Inc.
Yonsook Enloe, NASA/HSTX
Maura Ennis, National Academy of Sciences
Roger Fajman, National Institutes of Health
Ellen Farr, Smithsonian Institute
Martha Feldman, USDA/National Agricultural Library
Wanda R. Ferrell, Office of Scientific & Technical Information, DOE
Peter S. Firey, The MITRE Corporation
Gregory Fischetti, National Cancer Institute
Richard Fitz, US Information Agency
Dexter Fletcher, Institute of Defense Analyses
Dr. Paul Foldes, Inter*Help
Wayne Folta, Department of Defense
Ellen M. Foster, CIA
Ric Foster, National Gallery of Art
Jack S. Fox, Executive Office of the President USA
Les Fraim, The MITRE Corporation
Paul Franceus, Department of Defense
Geoffrey Froh, Gateway Japan/National Planning Association
Dylan Fuller, Smithsonian Institution
Gil Funk, University of Maryland
Dennis A. Fuze, National Public Radio
Lawrence Garfield, Gateway Japan/National Planning Association
Sallee Garner, US General Accounting Office
Bill Garrison, Cornell University
David Garver, National Science Foundation
Roger Geer, GTE Government Systems
Stacy Gerko, ORION Scientific
Earl Ging, NCTS Washington
Greg Giovanis, DISA
Stephen Glanowski, The MITRE Corporation
David Glazer, Verity, Inc.
David Goldberg, National Agricultural Library
Dan Gold, LOC-CDS/Computer Application Section
Charles M. Goldstein, National Library of Medicine
Mark Gormley, DOJ, BOP, Federal Prisons Industries (Unicor)
Denise Gotay, Library of Congress
Don Gourley, Smithsonian Museum Support Center
Cheryl L. Graunke, CRS Automation Office, Library of Congress
Robert S. Gresehover, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Suji Gupta, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Terry Hagle, DOD/OASD(C3I)
Zara Haimo, InfoSeek Corporation
Huddy Haller, Defense Technical Information Center
Regina Hansen, The MITRE Corporation
Darren R. Hardy, University of Colorado, Boulder
John B. Harris, Logistics Management Institute
Frank Hartel, National Institutes of Health
Garbiel A. Hegyes, UA Department of Agriculture
N. Lynn Heimerl, NASA Langley Research Center
Jean Henchey, The MITRE Corporation
David Henry, Computer Science Center
Bonny Hilditch, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Peter Hirtle, National Archives and Records Administration
Eileen E. Hitchingham, Drexel University
Martin L. Holko, US Department of Agriculture
William M. Holmes, Jr., National Archives and Records Administration
David Holmes, CIA
Matthew J. Holmes, ORION Scientific, Inc.
Mollyne Honor-Forte, Association for Information and Image Management
William C. Hornish, NASA HQ/PRC
George H. Imber, US Department of Commerce
David Isaac, The MITRE Corporation
Dan Jacobson, Johns Hopkins University
Rich Jannace, US General Accounting Office
Wayne Jansen, NIST
Steve Johnson, NASA/GSFC
Rob Johnston, IDA
DeAnna Jones, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Vicki E. Jones, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dick Joyner Jr. , Advanced Engineering and Research Associates, Inc.
Brewster Kahle, WAIS, Inc.
Martin R. Kalfatovic, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Dr. John Kane, National Agricultural Library, USDA
Bohdan Kanton, Library of Congress
Anna Keller, LOC-Collections Policy Office
Kathleen Kelly, New York Public Library
Mark Kelly, Defense Intelligence Agency
Ed Kemon, George Mason University/IET
Dr. Marcia Kerchner, The MITRE Corporation
Carolyn V. King, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Greg King, ANS
Thomas Kinsella, GSA/NDIC
Peter T. Kirstein, University College London
Gerald Kleiman, US General Accounting Office
Darrel Knoll, Dept of Commerce, NOAA/NESDIS/NODC
Frederick W. Knops, Booz, Allen & Hamilton
Alex Koeppl, Allied Signal Corporation
Afzal Kohsari, University College London
Robert D. Kolacki, US Navy SPAWAR 322-15
David Kosiur, InterCon Systems Corporation
Mark Krause, The MITRE Corporation
Rick Kuchan, Welch Medical Library, John Hopkins School of Medicine
Lynda Kuntz, NOAA Central Library
Crystel Kurtzberg, TRW Systems Integ Group
Carl Lagoze, Dept. of Computer Science, Cornell University
Julie Lahann, IBM Corporation
Betty Langford, Garcia Consulting, Inc.
Daniel L. Langhout, DIA/MSIC
Larry Lannom, DynCorp-Meridian
Lida L. Larsen, University of Maryland at College Park
Howard A. Lasus, George Mason University
John Leavitt, Carnegie Mellon University
Peter Lemkin, Image Processing Sect., Lab Math, Biology, NCI/FCRDC
Lori Leonard, Computer Literacy Bookshops
Peter M. LePoer, Health Sciences Library, UMAB
Craig Lewis, SAIC
Ed Lightfoot, University of Washington
Geoffrey Lipsey, The MITRE Corporation
Jim Litchko, Trusted Information Systems
Christopher Locke, MecklerWeb Corporation
Glynis D. Long, Association of Government Accountants
Paul Lord, Garcia Consulting, Inc.
Brian R. Lubey, Office of Naval Intelligence
John Lycas, Logistics Management Institute
Tim Lynch, Cornell University
Andy Lynn, Teratec Systems, Inc.
Patrice Lyons, Law Offices of Patrice Lyons, Chartered
Shakeel Mahate, RWD Technologies, Inc.
Carl Malamud, Internet Multicasting Service
Seymour Manello, TextWise Corporation
David Mankins, Horizon Research
Richard Manley, The MITRE Corporation
Richard F. Marcell, Defense Intelligence Agency
Howard S. Marsh, The MITRE Corporation
Beth Massey, Department of Defense
Byron C. Mayes, University of Delaware Library
Bede McCall, The MITRE Corporation
Nancy McCarley, The MITRE Corporation
Allan H. McClure, The MITRE Corporation
Michael P. McEwen, Logistics Management Institute
Richard McGinnis, NASA HQ
Jim McIntosh, The American University
Darin McKeever, NOAA Environmental Information Services
Brian McLaughlin, National Institutes of Health
Gail McMillan, Virginia Tech
Samuel Memberg, New York Public Library
Susan Mernit, Scholastic Network
Avra Michelson, The MITRE Corporation
Naomi Miller, National Library of Medicine
Otto L. Miller, SSDS, Inc.
David Millman, Columbia University
Dru W. Mogge, Association of Research Libraries
Sang J. Moon, NASA
Kathy Moore, Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs
Todd Morris, ORION Scientific Systems
Bill Morrow, DOJ, BOP, Federal Prisons Industries (Unicor)
Catherine J.M. Mozer, US Department of Education
Stephen H. Mullen, RMS Associates, NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
Jo Ann Murphy, CIA
Fred Murray, Computer Sciences Corporation
Clement B. Nettles, U.S. Bureau of the Census
Bill Neugent, The MITRE Corporation
Bill Neugent, The MITRE Corporation
Dave Newbold, Iris Associates, Inc.
Burt Newlin, Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense for Info Mgmt
Jason Ng, NCSA
Diem Van Nguyen, Loral AeroSys
Quoc Nguyen, The MITRE Corporation
Anne O'Donnell, NOAA Environmental Information Services
Kevin Oliveau, WAIS, Inc.
Mark W. Olsen, DIA/SV-5 (Dissemination & Information Services Div)
Ingrid Olson, The MITRE Corporation
Jeanne C. Otten, CAPCON Library Network
Julio E. Pacheco, Computer Training Center NASA Headquarters
Kay Paff, Loral Federal Systems - Manassas
Rob Palmer, ViGYAN
Chip Paradise, The MITRE Corporation
Melisa Parker, PSI, Inc.
Edward Partington, Environmental Protection Agency
Jeff Pepper, NAFA/GSFC
Kenneth L. Perko, NASA/GSFC
Ron Pernick, Niehaus Ryan Haller Public Relations, Inc
Cathy Petrozzino, The MITRE Corporation
Margaret St. Pierre, WAIS, Inc.
Brian Pinkerton, University of Washington
Maria G. Pisa, USDA/National Agricultural Library
Tricia Porth, The MITRE Corporation
James J. Pottmyer, Defense Information Systems Agency
James Powell, VA Tech
Maureen Prettyman, National Library of Medicine
Arthur F. Purcell, US Patent and Trademark Office
Michael Rabne, Case Western Reserve University
Murali D. Raju, Westwind Associates
Carolee Rand, NASA SEWP BOWL/RMS Technologies
Roberta Rand, National Agricultural Library
Karl Rethemeyer, National Center on Adult Literacy
Wilmer Rivers 
Stephen Roberson, Naval Research Laboratory
Rodney Robertson, StrataSys, Inc.
Herman Robinson, U.S. Fish &  Wildlife Service, Nat'l Wetlands Inventory
Donna Roper, NASA Langley Research Center
Carol Rosen, Scholastic Network
Sally Ross, NCTS Washington
Gregory Roux 
James E. Royal, Jr., EPA Region III
David Rubin, CIESIN
Susan M. Ruddle, Defense Technical Information Center
Jim Russo, US Agency for International Development
Bill Ryan, Niehaus Ryan Haller Public Relations, Inc
John Samples, Georgetown University Press
Paul Sangster, ANS CO+RE
Steven G. Satterfield, National Library of Medicine
Stan Scarano, House Information Systems, US House of Representatives
Lorrayne Schaefer, The MITRE Corporation
Francois Schiettecatte, FS Consulting
Richard Schmalgemier, Chronicle of Higher Education
Sharon Schmitt, The Morino Institute
Judy Schneider, US General Accounting Office
Joel Schneier, National Center on Adult Literacy
Richard Sciambi, The MITRE Corporation
Diana Scotti, ANS CO+RE
Perry Sebreny, Allied Signal Corporation
Tom Sellers, National Communications System
Jim Shaarda, Case Western Reserve University
Darrell Shahin, Computer Sciences Corporation
Peter Shames, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Celia Shapiro, The MITRE Corporation
Chris Shenton, Sterling Software
Tom Shook, The MITRE Corporation
Marcia Siedschlag, Community Mgmt Staff/Info Systems Secretariat
Gregg A. Silvis, University of Delaware Library
Steven N. Simkins, US Air Force, HQ Air Combat Command
Seung Ja Sinatra, USDA Forest Service, Information Systems Staff
David Sitman, European Academic and Research (EARN) Association
Robert Skinder, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Pat Slert, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Bill Smith, DISA
Julie A. Smith, Logistics Management Institute
Judith Snider, NOAA, Dept. of Commerce
Virginia D. Sorkin, Library of Congress
Mason H. Soule, Battelle Memorial Institute
John G. Spragge, Taliesin Software Resources (Ontario) Limited
David Steensgard, West Publishing Company
Leland J. Steinke, U.S. Army Military History Institute
Pat Stevens, PAS Services
Geoffrey Strayer, Defense Intelligence Agency
Ted Strollo, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Keith M. Stubbs, US Department of Education/OERI
Jennifer Sturgis, George Mason University
Tom Suhrstedt, Hughes Applied Information Systems (HAIS)
Nicholas Suszynski Jr., Division of Research Grants, NIH
Justin Sun, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Gil Taylor, Smithsonian Institution/Museum Support Center
V.G. Thailambal, Dept of Commerce, NOAA/NESDIS/NODC
Jim R. Thieman, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Richard E. Thompson, National Agricultural Libary, US Dept of Agriculture
W. Neil Thompson, Advanced Information Management System
Janet Thot-Thompson, Technology Assessment and Transfer Staff
Robert Thurston, NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
Claire Tozier, Defense Technical Information Center
Bill Trefzger, Defense Technical Information Center
Jeanne Trimble, The MITRE Corporation
Haseem Uddin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
John Unsworth, University of Virginia
Stephen A. Voels, Hughes STX/GSFC
Michael W. Vore, FEDIX
Peter Vos, Internet Videos, Inc.
Emile A. Walker, Defense Information Systems Agency
Chuck Walsh, NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
Dalroy M. Ward, SAIC/GSC
Edward Warnick Jr., USDA, National Agricultural Library
Brent Washburne, MARCorp
Carol Watts, NOAA Central Library
Matthew Waugh, Martin Marietta Corporation - US EPA Contract
Mike Weiner, TextWise Corporation
Carl Weir, Unisys Corporation
Greg Welsh, The American University
Beverly Westermeyer, Smithsonian Institution
Thomas G. West, Director, Visualization Research Institute
Phil Wherry, The MITRE Corporation
Rusty Whitman, Computer Sciences Corporation
Donald Wilson, MO & DSO, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA
James W. Wilson, James Madison University
Terry Wilson, Association for Information and Image Management
Daniel Winkowski, SHAPE Technical Center
Corey R. Wonderling, University of Maryland College Park
Natalie Wong, Dept of Commerce, NOAA/NESDIS/NODC
David Wood, The MITRE Corporation
Duncan Work, Network Development Associates
Roger E. Wye, The MITRE Corporation
Robert H'obbes' Zakon, The MITRE Corporation
Dave Zawada, Argonne National Laboratory
Philip J. Zee, Information Express
Joseph Zhou, CAPCON Library Network/CAPCON Connect
Dr. Mark Zimmerman, U.S. Government